Abbas El-Zein

Abbas El-Zein

Abbas El Zein

I never saw my saviour again and do not recall his face, except for the sketchiest of outlines. But I believed in him, ever after, as I watched him disappear into the sea, my gratitude as great as my earlier terror.”

Bullet, Paper, Rock -A Memoir of Words and Wars


Abbas has published essays and articles on war, identity and displacement for The Guardian Newspaper, The New York Times, The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, HEAT and Meanjin among others. His novel, Tell the Running Water, is a coming-of-age story set in civil-war Beirut. His memoir, Leave to Remain, is an autobiographical meditation on war, identity and East-West relations. The Secret Maker of the World is a collection of short stories about violence, justice, love and loss, set in different continents and eras. His new book, Bullet Paper Rock – A Memoir of Words and Wars, is published on 3 April 2024.